T. H. R. Skyrme

I first met Tony Skyrme when I was acting as the external examiner of J. Williams, one of his students, in 1968 in Birmingham. I resolved to make the result of this work rigorous, by rewriting the models in the language of C*-algebras; this we (Ivan Wilde and I) could do only in one space-dimension, in our 1970 paper. This concerned Skyrme's work of 1958 ; it entails giving a meaning to a singular path integral, expressing the Fermi field as a non-local functional of a massless Boson field in two-dimensional space-time. This formula became known as the Mandelstam formula, after Mandelstam wrote it down in 1975 (although it was first discovered by Skyrme nearly 20 years before.) Skyrme's name is usually attached to the deeper model of a Fermion in 4 dimensional space-time, which was the subject of Williams's thesis.

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