Preprints by R. F. Streater

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Detailed Balance and Free Energy; proceedings of the conference on quantum information theory and open systems, Kyoto, 1993. RIMS Kokyuroku Series, Kyoto, pp 56-65, No 980, 1997. (Eds. H. Nagaoka and M. Ohya).

Statistical Dynamics and Information Geometry , Lectures at Madeira, Marseille and Torun, 1995; in Geometry and Nature, being pp 117-131 in the Proceedings of the W. K. Clifford Conference, Madeira, 1995. Ed. H. Nencka and J.-P.Bourguignon, Contemporary Mathematics, Vol. 203 (Amer. Math. Soc.), 1997.

Detailed Balance and Quantum Dynamical Maps, (with W. A.Majewski), J. Phys. A, Vol 31, 7981-7995, 1998.

A Gas of Brownian Particles in Statistical Dynamics, Journal of Statistical Physics, Vol 88, 447-469, 1997.

The Dynamics of Brownian Particles in a Potential, J. Mathematical Phys., Vol 38, 4570-4575, Sept. 1997.

Nonlinear heat equations, Reports on Mathematical Physics, Vol. 40, 557-564, 1997.

A model of dense fluids, Banach Center Publications, Vol 43, 381-393, 1998. King's College Maths preprint number KCL-MTH-97-62.

Onsager Relations in Statistical Dynamics, Open Systems and Information Dynamics, Vol 6, 87-100, 1999. Kluwer. King's College Maths preprint number KCL-MTH-98-16.

Information Geometry for Some Lie Algebras, with H. Nencka, Dept. of Physics, Madeira University, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. Infinite-dimensional analysis, quantum probability and related fields, Vol 2, pp 441-460, 1999. World Scientfic. King's College Maths preprint number KCL-MTH-98-22.

The Soret and Dufour Effects in Statistical Dynamics, Proc. Roy. Soc., Vol 456, 205-221, 2000. King's College Maths preprint number KCL-MTH-98-32; available also from and the Los Alamos archive, math-ph/9910043.

The Information Manifold for Relatively Bounded Potentials, in: Bogoliubov Memorial Volume of the Steklov Institute, Ed A. A. Slavnov. King's College Maths Dept preprint number KCL-MTH-99-01. Available at the Los Alamos Archive, math-ph/9910035

The Smooth Quantum Information Manifold; this has been improved and replaced by "The Analytic Quantum Information Manifold", see below. The preprint is no longer available.

Classical and Quantum Probability, Journ Math. Phys., 41, 3556-3603, 2000. Available from the archive, math-ph/0002050.

The Analytic Quantum Information Manifold , pp 603-611 in Stochastic Processes, Physics and Geometry, eds. F. Gesztesy, H. Holden, J. Jost, S. Paycha, M. Roeckner, and S. Scarlatti, Canad Math Soc. Series on Conf. Proceedings, 29.

Also available at the Los Alamos archive, math-ph/9910036.

The Quantum Information Manifold for Epsilon-bounded Forms, (with Matheus Grasselli), Reports in Mathematical Physics, 46, 325-335, 2000. Available in the Mathematical Physics Archive, math-ph/9910031, Los Alamos.

Lecture on Information Geometry; contribution to Proceedings of the Kyoto Conference on Quantum Communication and Computing, 25-27 Jan 2000. Eds. M. Ohya and N. Watanabe.

Stability of a hot Smoluchowski fluid, Open Systems and Information Dynamics, 7, 1-9, 2000. Preprint number KCL-MTH-01 27. Archived at math-ph/0103026.

On the uniqueness of the Chentsov metric in quantum information theory (with M.R. Grasselli), Infinite-dimensional analysis, quantum probability and related topics, 4, 173-182, 2001. Archived at math-ph/0006030; the KCL preprint number is KCL-MTH-00-68.

Hydrodynamics in an externaL field (with M. R. Grasselli) Reports on Mathematical Physics, 50, 13-40, 2002.

Corrections to fluid dynamics, Open Systems and Information Dynamics, 10, 3-30, 2003. math-ph/0105013.

Duality in quantum information geometry, Open Systems and Information Dynamics, 11, 71-77, 2004. Archived at math-ph/0308037.

No production of entropy in the Euler fluid, to appear in the Proc. Banach Centre. Archived at nlin.CG/0310008.

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