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The undergraduate programme

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The Undergraduate Programme

Full details on the undergraduate programme, the various single and joint honours courses, entrance requirements and so on are available online in the
College Undergraduate Prospectus for entry in 2008

Please also note that there will be Undergraduate Open Days for which booking is essential.

The programmes offered singly or jointly by the Mathematics Department are


Programme  (click for details)

G100  Mathematics BSc
G103  Mathematics MSci
GV15  Mathematics & Philosophy BA
GG14  Mathematics & Computer Science BSc
G1N2  Mathematics with Management & Finance BSc
FG31  Mathematics & Physics BSc
FGH1  Mathematics & Physics MSci
FGJ1  Mathematics & Physics with Astrophysics BSc

Further information

If your browser supports forms, you can fill out this form, but you can also write to, or call,
The Undergraduate Admissions Assistant

Department of Mathematics
King's College London
Strand, London WC2R 2LS

tel:   020 7848 2217
fax:   020 7848 2017

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