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Dr Jan Gutowski

Department of Mathematics
King's College London
Strand, London WC2R 2LS
United Kingdom

Room 403 / S4.03
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Research Interests

    My research is primarily in classifications of supergravity solutions. As supergravity theories describe the low-energy
limit of string theory/M-theory, a better understanding of the solutions of supergravity theories is required. I have worked
on a number of projects constructing classifications of supersymmetric solutions of a number of supergravity theories,
both in low (D=4,5) and in higher (D=10,11) dimensions.

     These classifications are constructive, i.e. they provide algorithms for finding new solutions, such as new black holes.
Examples of these are new asymptotically Anti-de-Sitter black holes in five dimensions, and new, asymptotically
flat "black Saturn" solutions, consisting of an arbitrary number of concentric black rings with a black hole in the
middle. Black hole uniqueness theorems can also be constructed using related techniques. In a number of cases, it is
also possible to prove non-existence theorems, for example, I have worked on proofs that there are no solutions preserving
31/32 of the supersymmetry in D=11 supergravity, and also no solutions preserving 29/32, 30/32 or 31/32 of the
supersymmetry  in type IIB supergravity in ten dimensions. By expanding on this programme of classification, it will
be possible to  come to a better understanding of the types of solutions which are of importance in the context of 
black hole physics and string theory.


		1) U. Gran, J. B. Gutowski, G. Papadopoulos and D. Roest, N=31, D=11,
JHEP 0702 (2007) 043; [hep-th/0610331].

2) U. Gran, J. B. Gutowski and G. Papadopoulos, The Spinorial Geometry of Supersymmetric
IIB backgrounds
, Class. Quant. Grav. 22 (2005) 2453; [hep-th/0501177].

3) J. P. Gauntlett, J. B. Gutowski, Concentric Black Rings,
Phys. Rev. D71 (2005) 025013; [hep-th/0408010].

4) J. B. Gutowski and H. S. Reall, General Supersymmetric AdS5 Black Holes,
JHEP 0404 (2004) 048; [hep-th/0401129].

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