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Professor D Burns

Department of Mathematics
King's College London
Strand, London WC2R 2LS
United Kingdom

Room 413, Strand Building
Tel: +44-(0)20-7848 2863 (direct)
Tel: +44-(0)20-7848 2217 (general office)
Fax: +44-(0)20-7848 2017

Member of the Number Theory Group

Principal research interests

-- The Tamagawa Number Conjecture of Bloch and Kato (and its equivariant refinement).

-- Iwasawa Theory (including aspects of non-commutative Iwasawa Theory).

-- Stark's Conjecture (and various natural integral refinements of this conjecture).

-- Epsilon constants and de Rham structure invariants associated to arithmetic schemes with a finite group action.

-- Algebraic K-theory and homological algebra.

Research Publications

For publications and preprints since 2000 see here.

For a full list of publications see MathSciNet.

Ph.D. students

Sey Kim: "On the equivariant Tamagawa number conjecture for Quaternion fields", 2001
Anthony Hayward: "Congruences satisfied by Stark units", 2004
Manuel Breuning: "Equivariant epsilon constants for Galois extensions of number fields and p-adic fields", 2004
Andrew Jones: "Dirichlet L-functions at s = 1", 2007
Andrew Parker: "Equivariant Tamagawa numbers and non-commutative Fitting invariants" (PDF), 2007
James Barrett: "Annihilating the Tate-Shafarevic groups of Tate motives", 2009
Claire Ward: "On geometric Zeta functions, epsilon constants and canonical classes", 2011
Daniel Macias-Castillo: "On the values of derivatives of Dirichlet and Hasse-Weil L-functions", 2011
Carl Hahn (from October 2008)
Hugo Castillo (from October 2009)
Alice Livingstone Boomla (from September 2012)
Asuka Kumon (from September 2012)

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