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Theoretical Physics Group

Graduate Study

Research Activities

The group conducts research in fundamental issues of modern theoretical physics. Its achievements include significant discoveries in supersymmetry and string theory, amongst which are the non-renormalisation theorems for supersymmetric theories and the construction of supergravity theories in 10 dimensions.

Our current research interests include supersymmetry, superstrings and branes, and exactly solvable quantum field theories.

Superstrings are thought to provide the basis for a unified theory of all physics. Recently, however, it has become apparent that the notions of particles and strings should be generalised to extended objects called branes, and that these should appear in the theory on the same footing as strings. One area of interest in King's is the study of intersecting branes. Where branes intersect they form surfaces containing quantum field theories, and a striking consequence of this is that the classical dynamics of the branes determines the full quantum dynamics of these field theories. One example of our work in this area is the paper Classical M-fivebrane dynamics and quantum N=2 Yang-Mills by Paul Howe, Neil Lambert and Peter West.

Another area of very active research involves the study of quantum field theory in 2 spacetime dimensions. Such theories are closely connected with string theories and often possess extremely interesting mathematical structures. Work in this area includes the study of integrable perturbations of conformal field theories, form factors in integrable field theories, and quantum algebras, and the incorporation of effects of boundaries on the spacetime of such theories, and is conducted by Gérard Watts.

Staff and Students

Teaching members of the group:

Professor Peter West, FRS
Professor Paul Howe, EPSRC senior fellow
Professor Alice Rogers
Professor George Papadopoulos
Dr Paul Cook
Dr Neil Lambert
Dr Andreas Recknagel
Dr Ingo Runkel
Dr Gérard Watts

Postdoctoral researchers in the group

Dr Jan Gutowski
Dr Marton Kormos
Dr Fabio Riccioni
Dr Rafal Suszek

The current graduate students in the group are:

J. Arshad
D. Blakeley
N. Carqueville
N. Cook
L. Dowdy
P. Giokas
J. Greitz
A. López Osorio
D. Manolopoulos
S. Pelling
P. Richmond
P. Sloane
D. Steele

Recent students who have gone on to continue research at a postdoctoral level include

P. Cook, I. Schnakenburg, J. Drummond, B. Eden, P. Heslop, K. Graham, I. Runkel

Past members of the group include:
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