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Financial Mathematics is a flourishing area of modern science. Since the pioneering days of Black, Scholes and Merton, the subject has developed rapidly into a substantial body of knowledge. Its numerous applications have become vital to the day to day functioning of the world's financial institutions. As a consequence, a solid command of the principles and techniques of quantitative finance is essential for a responsible approach to the trading, asset management, and risk control of complicated financial positions.

The Financial Mathematics Research Group

The Financial Mathematics Research Group at King's College London was formed in 2000, and is staffed by Prof D. Brigo (elected Gilbart Professor from autumn 2010), Visiting Prof. C. Albanese, Dr T. Di Matteo (Reader w.e.f. 09/10), Dr A. Macrina, Dr C. Buescu, Dr A. Jack, Visiting Lecturer Dr A. Charafi, Dr P. Emms (on leave). A further Readership appointment may be considered in 2010.

The group is based in the Department of Mathematics. In the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise, the Applied Mathematics unit containing Financial Mathematics had 65% of its research judged "internationally excellent" or "world leading", the highest figure recorded by any London college, and close to the UK national maximum of 75%.

The main activities of the Financial Mathematics Group are briefly described below. More detail can be obtained by following the links on the right hand side of this page.

MSc in Financial Mathematics

The MSc in Financial Mathematics at King's College London covers a full range of topics in mainstream mathematical finance and its applications. The curriculum includes, for example, derivatives pricing and hedging, asset price dynamics, risk analysis and extreme events, interest rate and foreign exchange processes, credit and inflation linked products, real options, energy derivatives, stochastic optimisation and control, and investment decision making, as well as other mathematical subjects of relevance to practical financial modelling.

The programme is run by the Financial Mathematics Group in the Department of Mathematics at King's College London, and builds on the group's close links with financial institutions in the City and elsewhere throughout the world. It is designed to enhance the students' knowledge and understanding of the subject to the degree that they can competitively enter the pool of potential employees of financial institutions, as well as to provide the required training for students who wish to study for a doctoral degree in the area. The degree runs on a one-year full time or a two-year part time basis.

Applications are invited for the full-time and part-time programmes starting in September 2010.

More details about the MSc structure and entrance requirements can be found in the page MSc in Financial Mathematics and pages linked there. Related college administrative information can be found in the on-line prospectus. When you are ready to apply you will need to register and apply at the King's College admissions portal.

Centre for Financial Grid Computing

In the spring of 2008 the financial mathematics group created the Centre for Financial Grid Computing. The Centre explores the use of advanced mathematical software in a grid environment. Apple is helping to create the project's grid computing infrastructure through the Apple Research & Technology Support (ARTS) programme. Wolfram Research is supplying GridMathematica to the project. Equity fundamental and price data is being supplied by Thomson Reuters. In 2009 Nvidia Corporation became a supporter of the Centre via the donation of GPU computing units. Further details are available here.

PhD in Financial Mathematics and Applied Probability

A PhD degree in financial mathematics, applied probability or another related area of mathematics is an asset that is highly valued by employers in the financial sector. The supervision of candidates for the PhD degree in financial mathematics and applied probability is one of the main activities of the Financial Mathematics Research Group. Applications from prospective PhD students are very welcome, including applications from international students. See also the page Research Activities.

Research in Financial Mathematics and Applied Probability

The Financial Mathematics Group at King's College London is committed to a research activity of an outstanding international standard. The research interests of the group cover a big range of the mathematical finance spectrum. The group's research flourishes within the intellectually stimulating environment of the Department of Mathematics and is strengthened by the group's interaction with the other members of the faculty.

More details about the research activity of the Financial Mathematics Group and lists of recent publications and preprints can be found in the page Research Activities.

Seminars and Conferences in Financial Mathematics and Applied Probability

The Financial Mathematics Group organises a series of regular seminars and conferences in mathematical finance and applied probability aiming at (a) supporting and stimulating the research environment within King's, and (b) providing the wider academic community as well as practitioners within financial institutions with access to the most recent advances in the area. The schedule of forthcoming seminars and other events can be found in the page Seminars and Conferences.

In-House Training and Consultancy for Financial Institutions

Members of the Financial Mathematics Group are available for in-house training in financial institutions on a wide range of specialised topics, and are also willing to undertake consultancy projects in their areas of specialisation. Contact:

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