Disordered and Complex Systems, 10-14 July 2000

The preferred way of registering for the conference is by filling in the information on the electronic registration form below. If you have trouble with this (for example because your net browser doesn't support forms), then please print out this text version of the form, fill it in and send it with your payment by post to:

The Conference Secretary Phone: +44 - 020 - 7848 2107
Disordered and Complex Systems Fax:+44 - 020 - 7848 2017
Department of Mathematics Email:compsys.maths@kcl.ac.uk
King's College London
London WC2R 2LS, U.K.


All participants - including those who register electronically using this form - must send their payments for the conference fee (and, if desired, accommodation) by post to the address above. Registration will only be regarded as definite once payment has received.

The preferred form of payment is by cheque drawn in pounds sterling on a UK bank. Make the cheque payable to King's College London and cross it with the words "A/c payee only".

Alternatively, you may pay by bankers' draft in Sterling, drawn on any bank.

Another possibility is payment by bank transfer; note that there are bank charges for this, which must be borne by the participant. The transfer should be made to the College's bank,

NATWEST, Aldwych Branch
65 The Aldwych
London, WC2
Sort code 56-00-13
Account number 96707402,

and should be made payable to King's College London. Please label the payment as being connected to the "Mathematics Conference". Since this sum goes to a central account and not to us directly, please let us know if you pay by this method, so that we can recover the money.

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Accommodation If you wish to reserve a single room in the "Dover Street Apartments" for the period Sunday 9 July - Sunday 16, please click the box below. (If you haven't already done so, read the accommodation page before doing this.) The room charge is 25.50 per night, giving 7 x 25.50 = 178.50 for the whole week; you will have to pay this together with the conference fee.
  I wish to reserve a room for 9/7/2000-16/7/2000.

Student status Please tick the following box if you are a full-time student. You will then be entitled to pay only the reduced conference fee of 25, provided you send proof of your student status with your payment.
  I am a full-time student.

Postgraduate studentships (See the fees and financial support page on this topic for more information.)

If you are a full-time postgraduate research students at a university in the UK or the Republic of Ireland, and wish to apply for one of the London Mathematical Society studentships, please click the following box and give the name of your university.

  I wish to apply for a postgraduate studentship.
I am a full-time postgraduate student at

Presentations Participants are encouraged to present talks or posters at the conference. If you are interested in this, please indicate below which day of the conference your presentation would be most suitable for. Click whether you would prefer a talk or a poster; for a talk, also enter the amount of time that you would ideally need.

  • I would like to give a presentation on
      Glassy Systems and Neural Networks (Mon 10/7/2000)
      Reaction-diffusion Equations (Tue 11/7/2000)
      Financial Mathematics (Wed 12/7/2000)
      Information Geometry (Thu 13/7/2000)
      Quantum Dynamical Systems (Fri 14/7/2000)

  • My preference would be for a
      Talk; ideally, I would need minutes.
Abstract submission In the box below, provide a brief abstract of the work you wish to present, including references to published work or electronically available preprints. The Scientific Committee will notify prospective presenters by April 2000 whether their presentation has been accepted into the conference programme.

Other informationIf there is any other information that you think might help us in considering your registration, please add it in the box below.

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