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King's College has recently moved its extensive science and mathematics collections and information facilities to a magnificent and splendidly refurbished Victorian Gothic building on nearby Chancery Lane.

In addition, postgraduate students in financial mathematics at King's College have full access to the DMS Watson Library in University College which holds the library of the London Mathematical Society.

Computing Facilities

The College Computing Centre provides access to computing and data communication facilities, and gives advice and support on computing to all members of the College. Students can log on to multi-access UNIX computers at the Strand campus, both in the departments and in the Computing Centre's rooms. All computers are linked to each other and to the academic community beyond King's through the College-wide communications network. The national academic data communications network, JANET, provides access to national supercomputing facilities and to the Internet. MSc candidates also have access to the terminal/PC rooms for postgraduate students in the Mathematics Department, with a variety of PC software including TeX, LaTeX, running on Pentium machines, but also to a Departmental network of SUN and DEC AlphaStation Unix workstations (running software including Mathematica and Maple, with Fortran, Pascal and C compilers) and with access to the Internet.

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